Awards and Certifications

National & International Certifications and Awards for our products and processes are essential not only for compliance with Building Regulations and Thermal Efficiency Standards, but also to give assurance that independent testing and assessment is maintained. You can be highly confidence that you are choosing and using the best available product from a reliable and reputable supplier.

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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, communicates what a product is made from and how it impacts the environment across its entire production life cycle – from procurement of source ingredients, the production process to when it leaves our manufacturing facility in Youghal, Co. Cork in Ireland.

Embodied carbon levels in construction amount to approximately 11% of global emissions and EPDs are useful for making informed decisions on how to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of any construction project.

Passive Sills EPD Ecoplatform EN 15804 verified
  • Benefits of EPDs for Developers
    By using construction products with an EPD:
    – developers can gain additional credits in Building Sustainable Assessment schemes like the Home Performance Index, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).
    – demonstrates Green Public Procurement. EPDs provide information to enable Building Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Ensuring that the LCA for buildings is below limit values is now mandatory for all houses and offices over 100 m2 in the Netherlands; mandatory for all large publicly funded new buildings in Germany; and France is currently piloting a new Regulation incorporating Building LCA.
  • EPDs for Small Builders
    Sourcing materials with an EPD to your and your client offers assurance that the materials for building you have chosen cause less stress to the environment.

Passive Sill’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is registered in Ireland with the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), and in Europe by Eco Platform in 2021

Passive House Institute Certification

  • The Passive House was original energy efficient home and is the standard that most building regulations try to replicate
  • This states that out product has surpassed building regulations
  • We received this award in 2016

BBA Certificate

BBA Certification

  • The British Board of Agrément is the standard required from a building product. having this certification proves that we have gone through vigorous testing
  • Some of these test include fifty year accelerated ageing, thermal shock testing, impact resistance testing, etc.
  • We received this certification in 2019

NSAI Certification

  • The National Standards Authority of Ireland is the International Organisation for Standardisation member body for the Republic of Ireland. The NSAI is also a member of the European Organisation for Technical Approvals
  • Again, our products have gone through fifty year accelerated ageing, thermal shock testing, impact resistance testing, etc to receive this certification
  • We received this award in 2018

SEAI Commended Award for Product of the Future

At the 2018 SEAI show, Passive sills received a commendation award in the category Product of the Future